Three Words for 2014

In mid-December I had planned to do a round-up of my top blog posts (other people had written), but then I started reading everyone else’s round-ups and realized I’d need Cliff Notes (you remember those, don’t you?) to get through them all. Thusly deciding to go forth and just enjoy the holidays.

The one trend (or meme) I want to participate in is my three words for 2014. 2013 brought inspiration and community, as well as some tough challenges for my business life. However, it spawned growth on many levels and I am grateful for many of the connections I’ve made along the way.

Looking forward to 2014 (literally), here are my three words for this year.

Create. Create invokes the phrases to build, to generate, to initiate. Grab an idea out of thin air and give it shape. Look at the opportunities created by challenges. Put a stake in the ground.

Momentum. I like momentum because it’s synonyms are strength, energy and motion. Build on lessons learned and keep moving forward. Approach things with fresh energy.

Thrive. Regardless of the fact that Kaiser Healthcare has co-opted this word as their marketing campaign, thrive describes a bunch of concepts I aim to keep in mind this year – develop, grow and prosper. I don’t doubt there is much to be learned and built  upon this year. Prosper is just a nice added touch.

What would be interesting for this meme, is to check in at 6 months, (which would be about June,) and see if the words still resonate with the authors.

What are your 3 words for 2014?


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