5 Observations from Analyzing My Career Data

Occasionally, I think it’s healthy to stop and look at what you’ve accomplished (or not) professionally to help assess where you want to be headed. It’s fairly easy to jump from job to job or company to company over time perhaps seeking something that might not be there. We’re all only as self-aware as we want to be.

In looking at my own history, here’s 5 observations from my own professional journey over the years.

one company went through an IPO

Well, my options are underwater 1 hour after listing on NASDQ and my budget is subject to review by the auditors. Guess I’m not choppering into my dot com any time soon.

Women in Management

One was written about in my leadership post, and I am still close with. The other was written off as “How Women in Leadership Roles Should Not Behave” (perhaps an upcoming post).

3 companies failed in a row

Customer acquisition vs. burn rate – no one was paying attention during Bubble 1.0. Money was just flowing until it wasn’t.

4 years as a college professor

Think coming up with content for a 45 minute talk is tough? Try 16 weeks worth. All of my students brought a unique perspective to class, and I always proud of the student’s accomplishments by the end of each semester.

start my own company

There are few experiences in life akin to owning your own business. If you’re able to take the risk to and have the drive to create your own destiny, try it.

What about you? If you were to take a moment and look at where you’ve been in your career, what things will you find?

One thought on “5 Observations from Analyzing My Career Data

  1. I like vizify.com’s visual way of looking at my career, where I’ve lived, etc. Kinda cool. I dig the diversity of my background (now) as I know it’s given me the tools I need to be successful in my current work.

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