5 Blogs I’m Reading – May Roundup

I read blog articles all over the place, most are non sequitur topics. This a reasonable approach however, as I think you give yourself the best opportunity to create ideas and strategies looking at a broad range of content. Below are the highlights of this month’s reading.

http://www.chrisbrogan.com/blog (Chris Brogan)

I don’t know what Chris is actually selling, but for me it’s besides the point. It’s his open and friendly tone that attracts me back to his blog. While topics range from personal productivity to harnessing various media outlets, the occasional stories about his interactions with the real world allow us to see the guy behind the influencer.

http://blog.hyperquake.com/ (Allison Bradley)

Allison writes about the power and importance of branding. Branding is a separate beast than marketing and I agree with her opinions of how it should be treated differently as well as how a brand (whether it’s yourself or a product) takes time for equity in it to build. Allison keeps me thinking about strategies for where the customers are and how they’ll arrive.

http://discursive.com/ (Tim O’Brien)

Disclaimer – I’ve known and worked with Tim O’Brien for many years. Tim tends to rant (no, really I mean Rant) about over technologies he believes are over-hyped, open source projects who need to organize better (it was hard to disagree with this post given my current role: http://discursive.com/2013/02/13/four-things-your-open-source-project-isnt-doing-but-should/). However, he does this in a smart, funny way and many times, you find yourself nodding along in agreement.

http://dorieclark.wordpress.com/ (Dorie Clark)

Dorie Clark is so no-nonsense in her writing it’s refreshing. Much of what she covers is common sense and many times I find myself thinking “oh yeah that, is a really smart strategy”. Her own blog is a listing of articles she’s published by all the big names business blogs (some of them on my own wish list). 

http://siliconflorist.com/ (Rick Turoczy)

It’s important to know what’s going on in your own community and Silicon Florist rounds up much of it.  One thing I’ve learned in reading the blog, there are a lot of app start-ups in PDX. A lot.

Have any recommendations for me? Post them below! What are you reading this month?

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