The attitude builds altitude, the importance of being the face to your small business brand

In my last post I referenced a person who wasn’t interested creating more of a presence and audience for themselves based on their open source project contributions. While some of you thought this was refreshing (maybe doing this for the “greater good”) I disagree, and here’s why.

If you’re building, growing or just founding a business, you are the brand. The basis for your ability to produce growth in whatever sector you’re is based on your personal reputation and beliefs. Clients buy services, hard goods, widgets from companies they connect with. How can they connect with your business if you’re not showing them who’s behind the brand and what you’re capable of?

We’re the best/most experienced. Hire us. We’ll do some work for you.

Are you engaged? Probably not. 

When I was running my (small) manufacturing company, most times, even with a full set of staff on the floor, I would answer the phone. Yes, my clients at the time still liked interacting that way. They had no compunction about calling us up and asking even the most mundane (and occasionally ridiculous) questions. 

Disruptive? Sometimes. However, these people were championing my product to the public and recommending me to other potent sales sources, so it was important they were able to understand and convey my/company beliefs. Many times their questions lead to an idea for a company blog post, a further opportunity to engage with our audience. 

If you’re not showing off a little “attitude” you’re missing out on an opportunity to widen the conversation about who you are, what you’re about and eventually why customers should buy from you. 

Being able to convey that attitude out to an audience is your altitude. 

We recognize with our ever-busy schedules meals can happen on the road or in transit. Our company creates delicious grab and go foods which can be enjoyed anywhere. Will you have lunch with us?

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