How I tripped over Git (or, where did all these new tools come from??)

Git, Trello, Evernote, Pinterest, Campfire… you can tag it, list it, pin it, revise it, share it and yet still forget your login creds on more sites. (Out of sheer force of will I refuse to allow myself a Pinterest account because my shoe obsession interest in stylish footwear could be it’s own blog.)

I’ll be the first to admit I think better with pen and paper (and post-its, oh so many post-its). I prefer to take my own notes in meetings, even if we are sharing and updating a google doc, as reviewing them tends to spark pieces of conversation not necessarily captured in g-doc-short hand by those sitting around you.

So in an effort to familiarize myself with a few new tool players out there, mainly Git (and my new friend GitHub) I decided to create a small project for myself so I could Git get comfortable with poking about the code project repositories we work with. Plus, the premise of Git is good old revision control, which exists in most document editors, so this can’t too tough, right?

On a side rant – where did CVS go? Were we all so tired of a command line repo that something new and shiny was in order? I understood CVS, I was halfway decent at using it and everyone moved to Git!

Anyway, so what did I create with my newly acquired it took several months for me to get brave enough to post something to my account – those of you know know me are most likely unsurprised: **

I might add a winery one too, to test out branching, you know. 

** Please feel free to add, branch, fork. At the end of the day it’s running text file, how badly can we muck it up?

Have a recommendation for a project I should join? Drop it here!  I’m always interested in seeing what’s out there.

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